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Watching the range of expressions that washed over my newborn children's faces while they were just hours old, I realized how hard wired humans are to express ourselves physically. From the very first thing, before they could talk, scream or even cry reliably they had at their disposal pout frowns and smiles; the full palette of human emotion.

My goal in every portrait session, beyond capturing a true likeness of the individual is to catch those fleeting moments of genuine emotion that are the universal language spoken by everyone. (everyone except Ben Afleck) 

I am a firm believer in prints. My creative process is mostly the same whether I'm working on a digital file that will live on your screen for a season or an archival quality print that can hang on your wall for a century. I strive to create images that you will love for a lifetime. It is for this reason most of my packages include prints and digital files for sharing. 

The Value of a Photograph

One of the most valuable things I own is a photograph of my grandmother. It was taken on November 15, 1942, when she was 16 years old. At the time, she lived on a farm with her parents and three brothers. She taught school in a nearby village and was engaged to the neighbor's son. 

Several years after this picture was taken, her family had to flee their home forever, bringing with them only what they could carry, their most vital and precious possessions. Among them was a box of photographs.

She managed to hold onto that box of pictures through years of hardship and loss. They became her only tangible link to a world that was gone.

I grew up looking at these pictures; portraits of people long dead and places long gone. I learned their names, I listened to my grandmother's stories. The pictures that hung on my grandmother's walls are now the pictures that hang on my walls. The stories she shared with me, the stories of our family, are the stories I share with my children.

Someday, I hope these photographs will hang on their walls. These pictures aren't just paper, they are a legacy we get to share with generations not yet born.

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