Your Memories. Saved Forever.

Wedding Photography

We believe that the REAL moments are the ones you will want to remember most. When we tell your story, you will be able to look through your wedding album and relive every moment all over again. We serve clients in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Portait Photography

Your portraits are for your family; your parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family. They are for you when loved ones are no longer with you. They are for your children and grand-children not yet born. They are for the loved ones you leave behind after you are gone.

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Hi! We’re the Reichs. Hans is a Ohio Wedding and Portrait Photographer and LOVES living near Akron. He is a devoted teller of tales, both short and tall.

He strives to take photos that will make you feel the same way you felt when you took them. He believes that REAL MOMENTS with REAL EMOTION are the moments you’ll want to remember forever. 

He is also very passionate about Portrait Photography. He understands from personal experience, the true value an heirloom photograph can possess. Hans loves to be able to capture quality images for those who are ready to begin a legacy of their own. 

Hans loves serving his customers and works to provide the best experience possible. He would love to know more about you! Tell us all about you. Enough about him though, let’s get together and talk about you!!

What Our Customers Say...

These are amazing!!! We've waited years to redo our wedding portraits and this was most definitely worth the wait!!
Chris Fogarty
The pictures are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! You did a super job. My wife wants all of them. LOLl!
Dan Dibbins
OMG!! The photos are beautiful! I almost started crying again!!! I had the best weekend of my life! We can’t wait to relive it!... Thank you!!
Lisa Davis

Let's Get Together!

As the father of four small and very loud children, I am always happy to get out of the house to meet other grown-ups for adult conversation. I would LOVE to hear about you! Akron photography serves all of North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. 

Other Things We Do...

Personal Branding

What do you offer, to whom, and why? While your brand can encompass things like fonts, logos, and colors, that’s just the visible part of the iceberg. The part beneath is the bit that matters — how you articulate your offering and your value in a way that resonates with your customers.

Commercial Headshots

The professionalism, quality and style that goes into a headshot can provide a measure of trust for the person in the picture and shows your credibility to your audience.

Product Photography

These days, consumers want to see things for themselves before making a purchase. Showing your clients what you have is faster than telling them, making professional images of your products more valuable than ever.